What does having
enough time feel like?

You have all the time in the world.
All you need is a little shift in perspective.

Just Stop

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Just Stop is a book designed to help you change your relationship with time.

Imagine having enough time to cross things off lists and enjoy leisurely activities; to no longer hurriedly rush from place to place and jump from task to task, but instead flow through your day with grace and love.

We wrote this book as both a philosophical exploration of time in the 21st century, and a practical guide to nudging your behaviors and perspectives bit by bit. It’s written to help you shift from a place of scarcity to a place of abundance, with the intention of helping you experience time in new ways that open up new possibilities.

And in the spirt of abundance, we're sharing the book in its entirety online—free.
If it resonates with you, and you'd like to support us, we also offer a downloadable version in PDF and eBook format.

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