Well, here we are, at the end of our musings.

Thank you so much for making time to read what we’ve written and experiment with new practices! We truly hope you’ve seen life—and time—from new perspectives.

Changing how we think is hard. We have to really question what we believe to be real, challenge many of the assumptions we’ve been living with for a long time, and really commit to holding space for a different story.

And that comes from making subtle changes in the moment:

  • When we feel overwhelmed, we can remind ourselves to stop and be, even for a few minutes;
  • When we get distracted, we can take time to notice the things on our mind and how we feel about them;
  • When we feel busy and overworked, we can reclaim our agency by owning the decisions we make;
  • When we fall into a cycle of sacrificing our happiness, we can shift our focus to enjoy the pleasures of our life; and
  • When we get stuck feeling like there is never enough time, we can enforce our boundaries and reclaim our time as our own.

Leaning into these five principles creates space for you to change your story from Someone Who Can’t Change to Someone Who Can Grow. And using them together can transform your experience of life into a state of flow.

We hope that, in reading this book, you’ve developed a sense of what having enough time feels like. So that, when you feel stressed or harried or overworked, you use the exercises, thoughts, and spells to remind yourself of your own agency and power. It’s the sort of change that takes time, attention, self-kindness, and trust, and we’re honored to be a part of your journey.

As you transition back from reading these materials into work and life, we recommend you find a tiny “touchstone” that can help bring you back to what you experienced, learned, and felt while reading. It could be anything from letting yourself stare out the window for 15 seconds to finding your breath for a 10 count to standing up and walking away from whatever situation you feel is bringing on stress. The purpose of this touchstone is to help you remember that, regardless of what comes your way, you always have the ability to make the choice to stop. To halt the process, soothe the mind, and find a sense of presence within yourself.

While we don’t expect you to reread this book over and over again, we do hope you make use of the spells we’ve offered to help you soothe your mind. Accessing “touchstone moments” to help you create space, and perhaps revisiting sections as you need them are both really good, positive ways to continue making progress towards new ways of thinking and being.

And if you do choose to reread the book every now and then, we won’t fault you for it.

That’s actually a pretty good use of your time.

Wish you had more time?

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