Enjoying Exercise

Let’s play!

We’re going to do this by bringing elements of pleasure back into your day-to-day life.

Along with that, let’s also honor our mandate that the time you free up is your own, to do whatever you want with, so there are no “right” or “wrong” ways to spend your time.

To start: Make a list of things you enjoy doing.

They could be things that feel good in your body—singing, dancing, shaking out tension, lying on the ground. They could be things that engage the kid in you—doodling, daydreaming, playing with silly putty. The only restriction we’ll place is this: Don’t do something that requires giving someone else your attention. So no social media, no Netflix, no reading.

Why? We want to make sure you are paying attention to what brings you joy, and how the experience of joy feels. It’s hard to do that when our minds are being distracted by others.

Once you have this list, keep it on hand. Whenever you find time, spend some of it partaking in a joyful activity. If the being exercise is for knowing you can stop at any time, the enjoying exercise is for knowing you can make time to feel good at any time.

Why It Works

Similar to Being, the power of the Enjoying exercise comes from knowing that we have the power to create our own joy.

With this shift in perspective, you’ll have your own personal reset button for stress and anxiety; you’ll be able to switch modes more smoothly; and most importantly, you’ll learn something awesome: You’re never more than five minutes away from joy.

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