Owning Exercise

Let’s Play!

Now that we’ve gotten used to noticing our thoughts, energy, and feelings, let’s put it to use. Notice the next time you say “I don’t have time” to do something. When you notice that, think about why it is you don’t have time. Think about the decisions you made, without judgment or blame.

Let’s say you don’t have enough time because a coworker dumped extra work on your desk. Own your decision to do that work rather than pass the buck.

If you wake up late, own your decision to stay up late because you needed the release, or to sleep in because you needed the sleep.

If you skip a social engagement to work late, own your decision to prioritize your career.

Use this tool every time you find yourself saying “I don’t have enough time” and you will quickly find yourself noticing, owning, and changing your priorities to align more closely with the life you actually want to live.

Why It Works

By doing the Owning exercise, we remind ourselves that everything we do in our life, we do by choice. We can stop. Yes, we have responsibilities. But it is our decision to take care of those responsibilities. It’s actually the inverse of Peter Parker’s life motto:

With great responsibility comes great power.

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