How To Read This Book

Have you done any “Transform Your Life in 30-Day” programs? We’ve done a lot. Some of them have been effective, some less so. But the most common thing we’ve found is that, after the thirty days are over, we’re left with a profound sense of now what? It can be hard to get the changes to stick.

What we’ve found is that making big changes in our lives come down to very tiny decisions made in the moment.

Take dieting. Simply, saying no to cake is hard. Saying no to cake repeatedly, when we really want the cake, requires a tremendous amount of willpower. Eventually, our willpower falters, we eat the cake, we feel guilty, and we reinforce our story of being Someone Who Can’t Change.

But what if you simply didn’t want the cake? You wouldn’t be fighting yourself at all. You would continue to eat exactly as much cake as you want, but by shifting that desire, you would shift the result. Zero fighting necessary.

All that requires is a shift in perspective. And that shift rarely comes from a 30-day challenge—it comes from having a toolbox of small, subtle reminders you can use every day to change your habits.

This book aims to provide you with that toolbox.

This book is arranged into five chapters of three parts each:

  1. An exploration on a limiting belief,
  2. An exercise to let go of that belief, and
  3. A “spell” or verbal reminder to bring you back to these new principles at the moment you need them.

You’ll need a pen and paper for some of the exercises. Feel free to get a journal if that appeals to you. It doesn’t have to be fancy—an old-school marble notebook would work just fine.

The chapters themselves aren’t linear, so feel free to jump around and read whatever calls to you.

All we can do is offer you the concepts, ideas, and thoughts we’ve found to be helpful for ourselves and the people we’ve had the privilege of coaching along their journeys, and hope that the experience reading this anthology and sitting with its ideas resonates with you.

So, are you ready to shift the way you think about time?

Wish you had more time?

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